Nadmorska Kolej Wąskotorowa (Seaside Narrow- Gauge Railway) runs on two routes between Gryfice and Pogorzelica. The railway line leads through picturesque landscapes of three municipalities of Gryfice, Karnice and Rewal.

The total length of the route is 40 km and the whole journey takes 1 hour 54 min.

The train runs every day the first course from a depot in Gryfice. The train departs daily at 8:40. After reaching the station in Trzęsacz train runs 5 times on shuttle route Trzęsacz - Pogorzelica - Trzęsacz. The length of the short route is 10 km and the journey lasts a little over half an hour.

The last course from Pogorzelica at 17:45 is also a return course to the depot in Gryfice.

Route Gryfice - Pogorzelica:

  1. Gryfice
  2. Popiele
  3. Rybokarty
  4. Niedźwiedziska
  5. Modlimowo
  6. Paprotno
  7. Karnice
  8. Dreżewo
  9. Trzęsacz
  10. Rewal
  11. Śliwin
  12. Niechorze Latarnia (lighthouse)
  13. Niechorze Gł.
  14. Pogorzelica Sandra
  15. Pogorzelica


Route Trzęsacz - Pogorzelica:

  1. Trzęsacz
  2. Rewal
  3. Śliwin
  4. Niechorze Latarnia (lighthouse)
  5. Niechorze Gł.
  6. Pogorzelica Sandra
  7. Pogorzelica